5 Harsh Truths for Importers in China

For Western companies and importers, it’s easy to fall into the trap of seemingly great deals offered by Chinese trading companies. Many new entrepreneurs fail to take sufficient precautions with their initial orders, leading to a lack of control over the quality of their production line. In this article, you will find 5 harsh truths for importers in China that they will inevitably encounter sooner or later.

1. Too Small for a Large Manufacturer

Some independent entrepreneurs assume that they can turn to a large factory in China for every order. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Large factories often have multiple clients simultaneously, which means that small orders may not receive priority.

Therefore, it’s wise for small-scale businesses to conduct a Factory Audit in advance. This helps importers choose the right supplier, avoiding unreliable collaborations in China.

2. Unclear Communication

Importing products from China requires extensive preparation and work. Ensure that you are precise in communicating product specifications and have them signed by the supplier.

If specifications are unclear or missing, the manufacturer will often make assumptions. To prevent this, using a quality control checklist can be an excellent solution. Additionally, always have the product quality checked by an independent inspector.

3. No Return Policy in China

Ensure that the product quality is inspected before the goods are loaded into the shipping container. It’s also important to supervise the loading process. With a Container Loading Check (CLC), importers can monitor the loading process.

Once the goods are en route, it becomes challenging to address quality issues. It’s crucial to prevent this, as it can save unnecessary costs and protect your company’s reputation.

4. Promises Should Be Kept

A successful China importer will never make excessive promises to potential customers without verifying if their products meet the correct specifications. Giving a distorted image of product quality often comes at a high cost for entrepreneurs.

If the quality falls short and products are still sold, it won’t take long for the first complaints to flood in through customer service. This can have serious consequences for both profit and reputation.

5. Minimizing Risks

Importing products from China can help a starting entrepreneur grow their business. However, it generally poses a significant challenge for novice importers who may rush to make quick profits.

This haste often leads to skipping important steps in the procurement process, jeopardizing the quality guarantee of products from China. By working with reliable suppliers, collecting important documents, and conducting regular quality inspections, you can minimize most risks and maintain profitable imports.

Want to Learn More?

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