Sourcing agent

A sourcing agent or trading company can be very important in finding the right suppliers. In terms of culture, language, and way of negotiating, expertise is a must here.

Yet many sourcing agents are usually not quality inspectors or have other interests. For example, they get a commission if they provide new buyers. Long-term cooperation with a sourcing agent abroad is therefore not immediately among the most advantageous options.

A sourcing agent ensures short lines of communication

If problems arise at the manufacturer, a Western importer draws the short straw. Do you want to maintain professional supervision of the production line? Then you’re better off working with an external service provider such as Quality Control to do so.

The benefits of a Quality Control sourcing agent

Quality Control has a reliable network and broad knowledge of Asian business culture. We work with trained quality inspectors who perform manufacturer inspections in China, Vietnam, India, and Turkey on behalf of your company.

In addition, you benefit from a fixed point of contact in the Netherlands. In order not to be a “butcher inspecting his own meat,” an independent third party with good inspectors such as Quality Control, is indispensable for a professional inspection.