Why outsource quality control

Outsourcing a quality inspection offers several interesting advantages. Our inspections ensure that the quality of your orders is maintained without costing you any time.

Quality control guarantees

Perhaps as an importer, you know your way around China, Vietnam, India, and Turkey, you do business successfully in these countries and in recent years you have found your regular suppliers, with whom you are satisfied. You occasionally travel to (one of) these countries and do your “regular rounds” there.

Was the quality of your last shipments reasonable to good each time? Then it’s not surprising that you expect the same with the next shipments. Still, these positive experiences with the production line do not guarantee the future.

You may already be familiar with factors that can hinder travel to the manufacturer. These factors make it tremendously difficult to ensure order quality without wasting your precious time. Below are some reasons that contribute to the decision to outsource quality control. Consider, for example:

  • Lack of time
  • Lack of knowledge
  • Obligations
  • Tiring trips
  • Long days at the factory
  • High travel and accommodation costs
  • Footprint/environmental impact

Furthermore, of course, you would like to be able to schedule your trip abroad on time, but due to various reasons, production breakdowns can occur regularly; something that messes up your personal schedule considerably.

Certainty of quality

The main reason that importers outsource quality control is quality assurance. If you are familiar with the concept of quality control, then you know how important these inspections are. Especially in countries such as China, Vietnam, India, and Turkey, performing professional quality inspections is indispensable.

Quality Control’s quality controls to ensure that you do business in these countries with peace of mind, without worrying about factors that compromise the quality of your orders.

Knowledge on site

Quality Control works with trained quality inspectors to ensure that your orders come out of the factory trouble-free. Our knowledge and experience of the business culture in China, Vietnam, India, and Turkey allow us to act appropriately the moment there are problems at the manufacturer.

Quality control with the point of contact in the Netherlands

Outsourcing Quality Control ensures that you as an importer can communicate through a fixed point of contact in the Netherlands. Quality Control fulfills your role as an importer and maintains contact with your business partners. Of course, we always keep you up-to-date on any developments at the manufacturer.