The benefits lie in the certainty that your order meets your wishes and specifications.

The benefits of quality control

The great advantage of quality checks, of course, is that they give you the assurance that your order meets your needs and specifications. Another advantage is the prevention of problems that can arise during production, which can delay the process. Without quality control, you may be unpleasantly surprised when you open the container, and by then it is already too late. It is much better to avoid this.

Be convinced by the benefits of our different types of quality control:

'Factory Audit' benefits.

  • Checking the experience of suppliers
  • Comparison of possible suppliers
  • Verification of certificates before production
  • You know where you stand before production starts

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'First Article Inspection' Benefits.

  • Preventing and resolving miscommunication
  • Your requirements/standards are understood
  • Certainty of use of correct materials/designs/sizes/colors etc.
  • Implement improvements before mass production
  • Preventing further costs and delays
  • Effective start for the expected result

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'During Production Inspection' Benefits.

  • Timely observation and resolution of problems
  • Adjustment to prevent delay
  • Keeping quality at the right level

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'Pre-Shipment Inspection'/'Final Random Inspection' benefits.

  • Comprehensive inspection report for internal and external use/support
  • Overview of any deficiencies
  • No unpleasant surprises and uncertainty
  • Based on the report, you can make decisions on how to proceed (e.g., don’t ship, re-send production, ship part, discuss new price, etc.).
  • Preventing risks that create additional costs and delays
  • Show your supplier and buyers that quality is paramount
  • Certainty of quality

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Benefits of 'Container Loading Check'

  • Assurance that what you ordered will be loaded
  • Correctness on the packaging and ‘shipping marks’.
  • Due care in loading to prevent damage
  • That the quantity/quantity is equal to the “packing list
  • No setbacks found in the container; our experts seal the container
  • Certainty of quality

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Benefits "Extended Support?

  • Reliable inspectors who have your best interests at heart
  • Continuity of controls; to protect your goods from defects
  • Solution-oriented advice; discovering defects is one, coming up with a workable solution for all parties is two
  • Customer focus; personal contact with a regular point of contact and desired aftercare

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