Container Loading Check (CLC)

With a Container Loading Check (CLC), we monitor the loading process. This ensures that your orders are not unnecessarily delayed and that they reach their destination damage-free.

What is a Container Loading Check?

A Container Loading Check, or CLC, means that we perform a check during the loading of shipping containers with products to ensure that the loading process follows international laws and regulations. The check is performed immediately after the pre-shipment Inspections (PSI) and ensures that orders are properly packed and not damaged during transport. Of course, we also pay attention here to the suitability of the container itself to avoid problems en route. Is everything packed and loaded correctly? Then the container is personally sealed by one of our quality inspectors.

The purpose of a CLC

Container loading problems can compromise product quality. Improper loading can cause products to be damaged during transport. 

To satisfy your customers, you want to deliver quality and, therefore, no damaged products. This is why a controlled container loading process is so important. The factors that play an important role here are:

  • Distribution of weight
  • Use of space
  • Compatibility & availability
  • Laws and regulations

When to perform a Container Loading Check (CLC)?

During a Container Loading Check, our inspector checks the loading of containers at several points. Among other things, he pays attention to the distribution of the loading weight, the use of space, and preventing the loading capacity from being exceeded.

In the case of large, heavy, and/or dangerous cargo, the suitability of containers is additionally checked. Thus, products are safely transported in compliance with applicable laws and regulations. 

By the way, did you know that customs are more likely to extensively check an incorrectly loaded container than a container with the correct cargo? Such a check not only causes delays but also usually involves extra costs. So it’s better to avoid this! 

Benefits of a Container Loading Check

As an importer with suppliers outside Europe, you naturally want to constantly satisfy your customers. A professional CLC contributes to this because it:

  • Assesses the loading process of containers
  • Prevents problems with incorrect labels and barcodes
  • Reduces the chance of damaged products
  • Prevents unnecessary delays and customs checks
  • Ensures consistent customer satisfaction as a result

Other inspections by Quality Control

In addition to CLC inspections, Quality Control offers various quality inspections in China, Vietnam, India, Pakistan, and Turkey. Our quality inspectors will be happy to assist you.