How to import cosmetics from China - blog

How to import cosmetics from China

Importing cosmetics from China can be quite a lucrative business. The most important thing is, that you know what you are doing. The import of beauty products is regulated in almost all countries within the borders of Europe and the rest of the western world.

In this blog you will find more information about important matters regarding the import process of cosmetic products from China. For example, before you start, you should think about; finding suitable suppliers, following the safety standards, labeling requirements and current rules and legislation for Western importers of cosmetics.

Suppliers of cosmetic products in China

The beauty sector is a very large industry, in which the larger manufacturers in China process various chemical products to produce an end product. Not all suppliers in this industry are involved in this.

There are also enough small-scale workshops and manufacturers that focus on the production of beauty products and make-up accessories. Before you can import cosmetic products from China, it is important to determine which product categories exist within this industry. Consider, for example:

  • Beauty and Cosmetic Products
  • Skin Care Products
  • Hair Extensions & Wigs
  • Nail Polish
  • Beauty & Toiletry Bags
  • Make-up & Accessories

Finding suitable suppliers of cosmetic products in China

There are various ways to find suitable suppliers of beauty products in China. Most of the Chinese suppliers of beauty products are located in provinces such as Guangdong and Jiangsu. As a Western entrepreneur you can, for example, travel to China yourself and then look for suitable suppliers there.

In addition, online platforms such as AliExpress and Alibaba allow you to contact Chinese manufacturers and / or trading companies that are focused on importing cosmetics and other beauty products. It is often desirable that you speak the Chinese language and have some knowledge of the Chinese business culture.

As soon as you start pre-selecting suppliers, it is important to check whether the manufacturer specializes in only one or more product categories. You also want to check whether the manufacturer can meet the safety requirements that apply within the EU.

How to import cosmetics from China - blog

Safety requirements & regulations for cosmetic products

Within EU countries, strict safety requirements and rules apply for the import of cosmetic products from China. The import of beauty products is not only strictly regulated in Europe, but also in countries such as the United States and Australia.

As soon as you want to import cosmetic and / or other care products, such as make-up and nail polish, it is the task of importers to check whether these products actually meet these safety requirements and do not contain excessive amounts of substances.

Furthermore, beauty products must be properly labeled and even registered with the authorities. All this information must be present before the cosmetic products can be imported.

Otherwise, you run the risk of the shipment being seized by customs upon arrival. As a Western importer you are responsible, for example, for complying with the following regulations:

  • Check whether the product contains no substances and chemicals that are subject to restrictions.
  • The production process must meet the safety standards set according to the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).
  • Preventing environmental damage and minimizing the environmental impact.
  • Cosmetic products must be listed on the EU Cosmetic Products Notification Portal (CPNP).

If you want to comply with this as a Western importer, it is important that you have the products tested in a laboratory. You must also have a technical file and all products must be provided with mandatory labels and labels.

As you can read above, the most important challenge when importing cosmetics from China is actually complying with all safety requirements and regulations. Not all Chinese manufacturers can produce beauty products that comply with these strict regulations.

In addition, the costs of laboratory tests can be high. Especially when it comes to make-up, facial masks, skin care and other cosmetic products.

Enlisting help from an external party

Do you have little or no experience with importing cosmetics from China? Then it may be wise to call in the help of a third party. After all, external service providers are among the most reliable sourcing and inspection offices of China.

As a Western importer you can guarantee the quality of imported products without running unnecessary risks. An external partner such as Quality Control China has sufficient knowledge of the way of doing business in China.

The Chinese language is also no longer a barrier, so you can count on professional communication with your Chinese suppliers. In principle, you can outsource the entire purchasing process in China with a little help.

In addition, such an external business partner has often built up a solid network, with which you can find a number of suitable manufacturers in no time. You can also be a bit more professional and carry out some quality inspections. Consider, for example:

This cooperation ensures that you have more time for other things and do not have to worry about complicated aspects about the purchasing process in China.

As a Western importer you thus create all kinds of opportunities with which you can import cosmetic products from China for a long time. Would you like to know more about quality controls and what these inspections can mean for your company? Feel free to contact Quality Control China.