Comprehensive custom inspections

Quality Control performs comprehensive custom inspections and factory audits. We do this through a personalized approach based on your specific needs and requests as an importer.

What is extended support?

Our comprehensive support is a customized service for Western companies and importers. Through customization and fulfillment of specific issues, even the most complicated problems in the supply chain can be avoided. 

The improvement of the production process and the creation of long-term relationships between importers and suppliers are our priorities. Here we also pay close attention to customer needs, which we match with the scope of the project, the level of involvement, and the expected results.

The purpose of custom inspections

Custom inspections provide comprehensive support for requests that differ from the usual inspections. This personalized approach gives you as an importer unique capabilities such as:

  • Walk along during quality inspections of the production line 
  • Establishing quality and inspection standards together
  • Station long-term inspection teams on site

When to conduct custom inspections?

When fulfilling specific inspection or audit requirements, local representation of importers is very important. Without this representation, it is difficult to guarantee the desired quality of orders. 

Customized inspections offer you as an importer with unique product specifications, and detailed advice, without having to be on-site yourself to do so. This allows you to take immediate remedial action on even the most complicated problems in the supply chain.  

Benefits of extended support

Extensive Quality Control support helps importers with specific needs and requests that differ from the usual inspections. This personal approach offers several advantages for you as an importer with a unique supply chain abroad:

  • Improves the quality of your current production line
  • Offers a tailored approach to unique product specifications
  • Promotes long-term relationships between you and your suppliers
  • Prevents complicated supply chain problems

Want to know more?

Quality Control stands for knowledge, experience, and expertise. Together with our highly trained quality inspectors, we can provide the best quality control throughout the procurement process. Would you like to know more about our service and services? Then feel free to contact us, we will be happy to tell you more about it.