During Production Check (DPC / DUPRO)

A During Production Check identifies all types of quality issues early on, giving you as the importer enough time to take appropriate measures and for the production line to function optimally.  

What is a During Production Check?

A DPC/DUPRO is a quality control system that is used during the manufacturing process. A quality inspector assesses on-site whether the manufacturer has properly performed all steps of the production process. 

In this process, the inspector selects several random samples and examines whether these products meet the desired specifications. Among other things, he pays attention to the 

  • Packaging
  • Labeling
  • Dimensions 
  • Functionality

The purpose of a DPC

The purpose of performance, During Production Check, is to identify quality problems before the production process is complete. During the check, each component of the chosen samples is tested for safety, durability, performance, and functions. 

If product quality deviates, we ask the supplier to work with us on a corrective action plan. This prevents problems in the later stages of the production process. 

When to conduct a During Production Check?

We conduct a DPC when at least 20% of production is complete. This is because, at this early stage of the production process, it is still possible to take corrective action. The manufacturer can still repair any defects in products. This keeps the quality of your orders up to standard and does not jeopardize the delivery time demanded by your customer. 

Benefits of a DPC/DUPRO

Many companies and importers have a DPC or DUPRO conducted by an external inspection agency because external quality inspectors conduct honest and transparent investigations. They are also very knowledgeable about all local, regional, and national laws and regulations. 

One advantage of working with an independent business partner is that there is no direct link to the manufacturer. Other advantages of a DPC include:

  • Professional checking of products for desired specifications
  • Prevention of defective and/or faulty products
  • Monitoring schedule of production status 
  • Monitoring compliance with laws and regulations
  • Prevention of unnecessary costs and delays

Need more quality inspections?

Quality Control performs various other quality inspections in China, Vietnam, India, Pakistan, and Turkey in addition to During Production Checks. Our inspectors specialize in: