Internship at Quality Control China: Growth and Development

HBO Informatics students Michelle and Wendy from Avans University of Applied Sciences in Den Bosch have been successfully engaged in their graduation internship at Quality Control for three months now. In a recent interview, they shared their experiences and discussed their growth and development during their time at the company.

Michelle, who is specializing in business informatics, was looking for a graduation internship at a company that could enhance her knowledge and skills in making business processes more efficient. She said, “Quality Control appealed to me because of their international focus and the opportunity to learn more about Chinese culture.”

Wendy, a final-year HBO Informatics student, was also looking for a company that not only aligned with her interests, but could also stimulate her personal and professional development. “The company is involved in procurement from China, which piqued my interest due to my Chinese background. Additionally, the task about process optimization appealed to me.”

Together, they have been given the opportunity to work on a task that fits their interests. “The team at Quality Control, including my supervisor Ties Coolen, has been very helpful and involved throughout the entire process, which has contributed to a pleasant and inspiring internship experience,” Michelle added.

Despite the challenges that the current situation brings, both students have been given the opportunity to learn and develop their skills. Wendy shared, “Ties Coolen has not only dedicated himself to guiding our task, but also to our personal development. He has helped us improve our communication skills and taught us how to work effectively as a team.”

Michelle appreciates the international focus of the company, and Wendy values the interaction with her Chinese colleagues. “Through the personal experiences of the entire team, I have been able to learn a lot about Chinese culture and economy, and how they influence the rest of the world. It’s inspiring to work for a company that is committed to educating young professionals,” Michelle said.

Wendy also emphasized, “A valuable addition to my internship experience was the contact with my Chinese colleagues in Chinese. This has helped me improve my language proficiency and gain more insight into Chinese culture.”

Upon completion of their internship, Michelle and Wendy hope to apply their acquired knowledge and skills in their future careers. Both would certainly recommend Quality Control to other students looking for a valuable internship experience. They agree that it’s a great opportunity to work on interesting projects, to learn about a different culture and economy, and to promote personal and professional growth.

“After my internship, I hope to work as a consultant and apply my acquired knowledge and skills to other companies,” Michelle said. Wendy added, “I am grateful for the knowledge and experience I am gaining during my internship, and I plan to use this to continue my future career in informatics.”

Both students believe that their time at Quality Control has prepared them for their future careers and strongly recommend the company to other students. “It’s a great opportunity to work on interesting projects and to learn from a company that is committed to educating young professionals,” they concluded.

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