News item in Dutch Chamber Magazine issue #214

Western companies and entrepreneurs are increasingly moving their production lines to countries such as China, Vietnam, India, Pakistan, and Turkey. The Chinese inland in particular, offers adequate future prospects for successful business as a Western entrepreneur.

For issue #214 of the Dutch Chamber Magazine , Ties Coolen the founder of Quality Control China and Coolen China wrote an extensive news article about optimizing purchasing processes outside the EU and doing business successfully in China. 

Below is a brief summary of the article ‘Doing Business in China 2.0’. The full text can be read in the online magazine. More information about the collaboration between the two parties can be found on the website of Dutch Chamber Magazine.

Doing business successfully in China

The Chinese government makes it attractive for Western companies to do business in China’s inland. Compared to the coastal regions, the tax rates for foreign companies are much lower in the Chinese interior.

Despite the tax benefits, a well-filled wallet is no longer sufficient to successfully import products from China as a foreigner. For example, it is necessary that the entire purchasing process from A to Z continues to run smoothly. 

This translates into optimizing purchasing processes and continuously monitoring the supply chain. If the quality of imported products remains high and consistent, this is guaranteed to contribute to successful business operations. 

Optimizing supply chain outside Europe

Purchases outside of Europe can require a lot of research, input from different departments, negotiations and invoicing. A correct implementation of these processes can promote the success and growth of a (starting) company. 

The focus lies on optimizing the supply chain and performing quality control checks outside of Europe. Take for example countries like China, Vietnam, India, and Pakistan. These countries are well-known to requisition goods and services through your supply chain. 

Quality inspections include; comparing potential suppliers, checking factory reliability and inspecting production line. 

Professional quality inspections

To import a consistent product quality outside Europe, it is important that Western entrepreneurs can intervene during the entire production process. This must be without having to be present at the manufacturer itself. 

Professional quality inspections are essential for companies, because these checks can prevent and solve all kinds of supply chain problems. However, the rather confusing Chinese business culture can be quite a barrier for inexperienced importers. 

“This often makes it difficult for European start-ups to build a reliable network of Chinese business partners.”

Quality Control China helps and supports Western companies and entrepreneurs in optimizing purchasing processes outside the EU. In this way, the quality of products remains consistent and production errors can be kept to a minimum. 

Ultimately, this also increases the chance of success among starting entrepreneurs who want to import products from China. Professional quality inspections ensure that European start-ups can lay a solid foundation for profitable operations in the future.