Quality control China: the importance for importers!

Quality control China

Dutch companies and importers are having the quality of foreign import products checked increasingly. Professional inspectors fly to China, Vietnam and India regularly to carry out an accurate quality inspection with the manufacturer.

In this blog we would like to tell you a bit more about these foreign product controls and the interesting benefits that are generally attached for investors.

The usefulness of quality inspections

The production and shipping of imported products involves all kinds of different risks. A professional quality inspection in China can reduce these risks significantly. This creates less critical problems for the suppliers; therefore, the delivery time of orders does not have to be delayed any further.

Moreover, (large) investments could get lost sometimes due to unnecessary problems of this kind. For example, it often happens that Chinese manufacturers try to save on production costs over time. When they place a second order, they use materials which have a lesser quality than the materials they have used with the first order. This cost saving process can of course also endanger the quality of the end product.

In addition, there are busy periods in which manufacturers take many orders and try to process them at the same time. During such a period, Chinese suppliers sometimes even choose to outsource the production. This also causes problems with regard to the quality of the end product.

The factories in countries such as China, Vietnam and India are also known for the high turnover in personnel. The chance is therefore quite high that employees who have worked on the first delivery of products, are no longer working at the factory during the second order.

Prevent problems with suppliers

In addition to the problems you could have with the manufacturer, there are numerous complications that can arise while shipping products. With the help of proper quality inspections at the manufacturer in China, these problems can be resolved in no time. For example, suppose the manufacturer has made a few critical mistakes and the products no longer meet the required quality requirements. This can entail quite a few unpleasant risks.

If such a defect is not detected in time, there is often no turning back, because the products are already on their way to the customer in Europe. It costs a fortune to send all those (defective) products back to China or another country in Asia.

Advantages of independent inspectors

Having a quality inspection in China carried out by an independent inspector has a few additional advantages. For example, the time that would have been lost on trips to various suppliers in China. The travel costs of this can also be quite high.

Furthermore, inspectors identify any problems in time that arise during the production and shipping of goods. This will also significantly reduce the chance of the process slowing down.

Moreover, importers are no longer surprised when the manufactured products arrive in Europe. Sometimes it still happens that orders turn out to be slightly different than previously agreed with the manufacturer during the arrival of the container from China.

These deviations mainly arise when there are no interim product checks. For example, if incorrect information is passed on during certain transfers in the process, this usually leads to the necessary complications, which can considerably delay the delivery time of products.

Quality control China explained

Having a professional quality inspection carried out in China is crucial to guarantee the quality and correctness of imported products. These independent quality controls take place during the different stages of the production process.

This provides investors detailed insight into the status of every order from China, Vietnam and India. The quality of manufactured products is also guaranteed at all times. Because if there might be a problem with the manufacturer in China, the problem is guaranteed to be detected at the next inspection. This means that the production in China will not be delayed unnecessarily. The delivery time of every order can be achieved without time-consuming problems.

In addition, every order is guaranteed to meet the predefined quality requirements. Should complications arise nevertheless, a trained quality inspector will ensure that they are resolved in no time. This is because inspectors can provide on-the-spot adjustments and prevent possible miscommunications.

Quality inspection at the suppliers in China generally start by checking the factory for quality and reliability. A clear profile is made of the facilities that are available at the manufacturer. Production lines and the capacity the supplier could process, for example, are also carefully examined.

For more information about the various inspection moments in countries such as China, Vietnam and India, please refer to this page.