An inspector is a well-educated quality engineer and is specialized in a certain product category. A quality engineer, or inspector, is specialized in interpreting specifications and performing on site tests. He is trained to watch the details. Within a category an inspector is by no means a specialist in the sense that he knows everything about one single type of product. For example, an inspector specialized in the category of textile, is not a specialist in underwear. However, he has the training and experience to perform a professional inspection on underwear with the specifications of the client.

When he arrives in a factory, he starts by collecting the information about the supplier. Then he selects random samples from the finished products. First, the boxes to pick the samples from are chosen at random. Second, the inspector takes the number of samples out that the AQL tables give. Of course it is no problem if you wish to have your inspection performed at another inspection level (stricter or less strict).

During a standard inspection of these samples the following will always be checked:

  • The Acceptance Quality Limit (AQL)
  • The quantities
  • The product specifications
  • The labels and markings
  • The packaging

Depending on the product, the inspector will follow a checklist and conduct several tests (safety, functionality, etc.). If necessary, the checkpoints can be different than the original spec sheet. The inspector will check you products for the different types of defects that you have specified.

To perform an inspection correctly, the inspector carries several tools. These can include a camera, measuring tools, a Pantone (PMS) color book, a barcode scanner and special tape. Because the inspector has to travel to the factory, he cannot just bring an entire tool kit to every location. They do, however, carry the tools that are needed to perform the inspection correctly.

After the inspection, the inspector will put all of the findings into the protocol of the Quality Control company. This is the inspection report that you will receive by e-mail. The inspector can now go on to the next inspection.