Quality control production from China, India and Vietnam

Quality control production from China, India and Vietnam

Nowadays more and more companies and startups have a professional quality control of the production from China, India and Vietnam. Importing goods from Asia does not always go according to plan. Often all kinds of unnecessary problems arise, as a result of which the entire production process can eventually be delayed.

A real shame! Since these kinds of problems are easy to prevent in many cases. Below we would like to tell you a bit more about the importance of these quality controls, and what advantages this entails.

Checking the quality of products from China

Checking the quality of imported products from Eastern countries has almost become a necessity for an increasing number of companies.

You can have these types of checks and inspections carried out professionally by Quality Control. As an importer, you are therefore guaranteed more certainty about your orders from one of these countries.

Also, you do not always have to travel to the relevant production country yourself. Certainly, in the long term, this will of course save you a lot of valuable time, money and energy.

How to maintain the quality of China Supply chain?

Our quality control of production from China, India and Vietnam is based on a number of composite specifications. In this way, the entire production process of your products is monitored and adjusted if necessary. We briefly explain the various inspections below:

Factory audit: This inspection checks the factory that makes your products based on quality and reliability. As an importer, this gives you a complete profile of the factory in no time.

First article inspection: a check before the first production. This inspection is necessary to check whether the production process fully meets your specifications and wishes.

Control during production: this inspection ensures that the entire production process of your products continues to run optimally. If necessary, this inspection offers an excellent opportunity to intervene on time.

This interim quality control of the supply chain in countries such as China, India and Vietnam is crucial to identify and solve any problems in a timely manner. This ensures that the stated quality and delivery time of your order is guaranteed in any case.

Final inspection before shipment: before your order is on the way, our inspectors carry out a final inspection. On the basis of the specifications drawn up by you, the final quality of your order is checked again. This check takes place when your order has been produced for more than 80%.

Supervising during loading: Our inspectors supervise your products at all times during the loading of your products. In addition, the container with your order is extensively checked and sealed. Click here for more information about this inspection.

Custom inspection: as an extra service we carry out inspections that are adapted to your wishes and needs. In addition, you will receive tailor-made advice from us about any problems that may arise.

Benefits of quality control of production from China

Our knowledge and expertise in the field of quality control of production from China, certainly provides many interesting benefits for companies and start-ups. Moreover, importing products from Asia, without checks and inspections, often causes more misery afterwards than necessary.

For example, suppose no checks were performed at all during the production process. Then you can often look surprised upon the arrival of your order. Especially when your products do not correspond at all with what you ordered in advance from the manufacturer.

Thanks to our extensive quality control of production in China, India and Vietnam, you will no longer be bothered by this. For example, we check all official certificates prior to production and compare potential manufacturers for your products.

In addition, our inspections almost always ensure an effective start of the production process. In this way, the quality of your order is maintained at the desired level at all times and you will not be faced with unpleasant surprises along the way.

Our highly trained inspectors are incredibly reliable and ensure that everything is closely monitored by the manufacturer. In addition, they try to provide you as an importer with solution-oriented advice and draw up an extensive inspection report for this.

By means of personal contact you are assured of a fixed point of contact and you are quickly informed of any shortcomings or problems.