Why a quality control?

Checks and inspections carried out by Quality Control provide certainty that your order will meet the set requirements, specifications and wishes.

At the same time, problems are prevented which could occur during production, resulting in delays to the production process. As a result, you can be sure that the delivery time will be met and you will be able to keep your word to your customers.

If you do not have checks carried out, opening the container on arrival is a big surprise each time. The damage has already been done, and could have been prevented with our inspections.

During the production of your product and the delivery to the end customer, there are many transfer moments between the various parties. As an importer, you face the most risk during these transfer moments.

  • Active in India for more than 20 years
  • Inspections carried out throughout China, Vietnam & India
  • Our inspectors are fully qualified high-quality engineers
  • We only work for China, Vietnam & India importers
  • Knowledge in China, Vietnam & India, point of contact in the Netherlands

It is generally known, but it is also our experience, that many Chinese manufacturers make concessions during or at the end of production. Both in the case of initial orders and repeat orders. The reason for this is to save money. Manufacturers do this by using cheaper and lower quality materials, by paying less attention to quality and thus limiting dropouts, the use of cheaper and less qualified personnel and speeding up production.

Additionally, general quality standards in India are lower than they are in the West. Staff turnover at Chinese businesses is an average of approximately 23% per annum. That is an extremely high figure. Unfortunately, this causes problems with regard to your repeat orders. In short: things that went well last time can cause problems the next time.

Quality Control explained: