Why quality control?

When Quality Control performs quality checks and inspections for you, you have the assurance that your order meets the requirements, specifications, and wishes set forth.

You also use our quality checks and inspections to prevent any problems that may arise during production and delay the production process. This ensures that the agreed delivery time is met and you keep your promises to your customer.

If you don’t have checks performed, it is always a question of whether your products will meet your requirements when they arrive, and defects lurk. If you discover them only then, it is already too late. This leads to problems you could have easily avoided with our inspections.

Risks without quality control

While producing your product and delivering it to the end customer, there are many transfer moments between different parties. These are the moments where your risks as an importer lie.

Quality Control helps you eliminate these risks because we are:

  • Active for over 20 years in China, Vietnam, India, and Turkey
  • Inspect and have knowledge in these countries, with a point of contact in the Netherlands
  • Have trained quality engineers as inspectors
  • Work only on commission for China, Vietnam, India, and Turkey importers

Many manufacturers simply apply changes during or at the end of production. They do this to save money, and it happens on both first orders and repeat orders. This does no good to the quality of your products. Manufacturers then use cheaper and low-quality materials, pay less attention to quality to reduce scrap, use cheaper and less qualified personnel, and rush production. Quality Control prevents this.

Different quality standards

In addition, overall quality standards in China, Vietnam, India, and Turkey are lower than in the West. Also, the average employee turnover rate at these companies is about 23% per year. This is a very high rate and it, therefore, causes problems with your repeat orders. In short, what went well at first may go completely wrong next time.

Shipping goods from these countries to Europe is expensive. Returning a container with the wrong delivery of goods, in practice, is not an option. Inspecting and shipping yourself is an expensive and time-consuming job. In short: outsourcing is a much better idea.

Quality control explained: