Why subcontract a quality control?

As an importer, you know your way around China, Vietnam & India, have been doing business successfully in China, Vietnam & India and, over the years, have managed to find your preferred suppliers, with which you are satisfied. You travel to China, Vietnam or India occasionally and travel your ‘set route’.

It would seem to be logical that, because the last shipments all went reasonably well, you can assume that the same will apply to the next shipments.

However problem areas, such as lack of time, other obligations, tiring travel, long days at the factory and high travel and accommodation expenses could be your downfall in terms of being certain of the quality.

You also want to plan your journeys in good time, but for various reasons there are often disruptions to production, as a result of which you have to change your flight schedule and your day-to-day timetable, or you will not be able to check the final products on site.

You are familiar with the concept of quality control, and as you know this is a must in China, Vietnam & India. So why tie yourself in knots if there is a much better alternative, namely quality inspections by Quality Control?